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Building Sustainable Digital Communities in the GLAM Crowdsourcing Sector- King's College London 2016-2020

Testing the Impact of Crowdsoucing on the Wellbeing of Socially Isolated Individuals in the United Kingdom- King's College London 2020-2021 


Holocaust Era Assets Digitization Project: Revisions to Training for Digitization Technicians- 2010 [more...]

Testing the Skills Gap: Teaching Digital Humanities For Various Technical Backgrounds- Stevenson University 2015-2016

The Crisis of Sustainability in Digital Archives- Portland State University 2016-2017  [more...]

Digital History Teaching Methodology: Social Media as History Classroom Tool- The Brilliant Club 2017-2018 [more...]

Volunteerism and Educational Institutions Case Study: St Dunstan's College Archives - 2017-2019 [more...]

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