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Current Research

Building Sustainable Digital Communities in the GLAM Crowdsourcing Sector

King's College London, Department Digital Humanities, 2016-present

Current doctoral research at King's College London. Expected completion Summer 2021 

The research focuses on the growing popularity of crowdsourcing in the Gallery, Library, Archive, and Museum sector. The organic development of digital communities was established by Dunn & Hedges in 2016 but the question of how sustainable these communities are remains. This research spent four years interviewing and surveying participants in GLAM crowdsourcing projects to identify the key markers of continued participation, as well as other metrics of sustainability including individual growth, community growth, resilience in the face of change, and power parity between community and institutions. 

The research reveals the cause and effects related to these metrics of sustainability as well as the different cultural influences of varying communities on sustainability. The final product provides an understanding of the nature of digital community in crowdsourcing and the expectations for change in the next five years. 

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